Launched in February 2018, we are a fairly new kid on the block - based in Hong Kong where dressing up is a way of life. 

Think clutches, designer flagship stores, stilettos – you are never overdressed in this city. 

Yet after living here for nine years, I realised that I would love to contribute my two fashion cents. My signature look is a little more relaxed: modern European, rather French than German (where I’m originally from), with a playful twist.

As a mother of two, I simply can’t spend too much time on myself before school runs. However, I still crave a little everyday glamour.



So I started creating pieces that make dressing in the morning easy and fun. Just jump into that jumpsuit or slip on that dress – and wear it – whatever your day has in store!

LvO designs celebrate clean lines, bold colours, flattering cuts and edgy patterns; with most pieces crafted from high-quality natural fibres, such as silk, cotton, wool and linen. All at extremely accessible prices, starting from 700 HKD.


What makes us stand out
is that we don’t produce large numbers of
clothes upfront in sweat shops.
The opposite of fast fashion is slow fashion! 


Maybe you have heard of the sad fact that fashion is today’s second largest cause of pollution with tons of unwanted, unsold clothes ending up in landfills? 

No wonder that #sustainablefashion is gaining momentum. And we do tick those boxes too:

  • I work with a wonderful workshop of skilled tailors in China – producing only little numbers. We avoid over-production - just like in the good old days…

  • Around 40% of our fabrics come from companies that sell luxurious excess materials from previous seasons that would otherwise go to landfill.

  • The other 60% come from trusted sellers specialised in silk, cotton, linen and viscose that operate locally (- no carbon print needed!)

  • Many of our pieces are made to order (zero-sizes or plus-sizes are no problem at all) – designed to flatter and last for more than one season.

Clients often tell me that they have been showered with compliments when wearing our clothes – which is precisely what I’m aiming for.

Just talk to me. I enjoy spending time at fabrics markets, sourcing special materials for unique designs.

Can’t wait to see you rocking your very own LvO item soon…!  

Lisa xoxo


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